The Best Colors To Paint Your Bathroom

Choosing the right color to paint your bathroom comes with some decisions. Depending on the type of atmosphere you would like your bathroom to have, you can pick colors to suit your interests and needs. Smaller bathrooms are likely better with brighter colors, and larger bathrooms would look better with darker colors. If you’re not sure of the size of your bathroom, try whatever colors you like. Here are a few suggestions.

White bathrooms are the classic choice for people who don’t want to be too risky with their bathroom colors. If you’re afraid that someone might object to more vibrant colors, you should stick with white. A clean, white bathroom can be classy, conservative, and it gets the job done.

If white is too boring for you, you could keep a lighter touch with peach-colored paint. The character of your bathroom is often mirrored in your own characteristics. A light peach color will add just enough charm to make the bathroom seem lively, but it’s not over the top. It’s a perfect transition from a white bathroom.

A pearl gray color for your bathroom can also be a good option. The color attracts light and reflects it in a way that makes the room like shiny. You might imagine your bathroom looking like a shiny quarter or piece of silver jewelry. The atmosphere of a pearl gray bathroom is mysterious but inviting.

Pale pink bathrooms are great for accentuating skin tones. Most people will enjoy looking at a pale pink bathroom because it brings out their features. Grooming at the sink will become a more pleasurable experience with the warmth of pink in the bathroom.

Aqua bathrooms are the best colors for people who want some adventure. The room will glow and make someone feel like they are on a tropical Caribbean island. You could have a taste of summer all year long with the help of a blue and green mix. Aqua bathrooms also look good for people with deep blue eyes.

Yellow bathrooms can brighten the mood of everyone who enters. Certain shades of yellow can make the bathroom appear to be well-lit even when the sun doesn’t hit it directly. The warming glows of yellow bathrooms make them special bathrooms for people with a fancy for colors. Yellow bathrooms also look good for people with blond hair, as the walls and the hair combine together in the mirror.
By Sarah Clarke

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