Bathrooms offer the perfect opportunity to let your personality show. Smaller in size and scale than most other rooms in the house, the bathroom is where most people feel more comfortable experimenting with color, paint treatments, or even themes.

Find ways to incorporate things you love into this small space, remember this is a space you spend time in every day! A few vintage bathroom design tips to keep in mind: mix new and old for an eclectic feel, think meaningful and memorable, and don’t be afraid of color.

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1. Eclectic. You don’t want the room to be mistaken for your grandmothers! Pick an era or a specific collection of items and begin working from there. Try to pull a modern color pallet from your older items and include modern fixtures and luxuries.

2. Meaningful and Memorable. Start with the item you most want to see in that room, a piece of art, maybe antique linens, or a collection of old bottles. Pull in pictures or other items that build on your collection and create a memorable effect.

3. Don’t be afraid of color! Most bathrooms are small spaces that benefit from a punch of color. Find one that complements your vintage items. Rich hues offer a great background to your collections and actually help them stand out. If you are concerned about a dark color making the space too small, include reflective items that will bounce the light around the space: crystal, glass, mirrors, metal.

Don’t miss the opportunity to let your creative side show and enjoy the things you love everyday!

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By Sarah Clarke

There are many contemporary bathroom decor ideas that can be used to update the look of a bathroom, no matter what size it may be. Choosing the wall color can change the feel of a bathroom. Light colors will make a small bathroom seem more expansive, while a darker color may accent the cozy intimate feel.

Changing the bathroom fixtures, such as a new sink and toilet, will give a bathroom an entirely new look. Replacing sink and toilet handles with a new style will also give it a new look, such as adding antique-style handles.

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Adding an interesting area rug on the bathroom floor can work wonders to liven up a bathroom, particularly if it matches well with the wall color. A set of matching soap dish plus towels is another worthwhile change.

Applying a set of tiles along part of the walls gives an inviting look any bathroom. The subtle reflections on glass tiles can provide an intimate feel to an updated bathroom, as they can accent the pleasing wall color. Tiles can be placed at an angle for a sharper contrasting look.

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By Sarah Clarke