Sustainable homes are all the rage. What once meant switching to energy efficient washing machines and refrigerators turned to the addition of solar panels to decrease the usage of electricity. Now the trend of sustainability has gone one step further to one of the least eco-friendly rooms in the house: the bathroom.

Sustainable bathrooms are quite the sight to behold. They are spa-fabulous, with what appears to be glossy, porcelain basins accompanied by brilliantly shiny fixtures; but unlike other breathtakingly decorated bathrooms, these are equipped with environmentally friendly toilets, sinks, and tubs that lower the amount of water used, without giving up any of their aesthetic charm.

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All the rage in Europe, and now in the U.S, low flow toilets use barely three liters of water per flush. Dual flush systems give users the choice between three and six liter flushes depending on the amount of water usage they require.


The same technology has been passed on to showerheads, with fixtures that use up to 70% less water than their vintage counterparts. This is made possible by an aerator, a device that is put into the end of the tap. It decreases the amount of water used by pushing air into the stream of water.

Tubs and sinks themselves are seeing an eco-friendly change. Instead of ceramic look for cast solid such as “Blu-Stone,” made from quartz. Blu-stone is fired at lower temperatures than ceramic for a much shorter time, adding to its great eco friendliness. Sustainable bathrooms are a trend that is definitely here to stay. Home enthusiasts everywhere eagerly await the next innovation!Water Saving Shower Head Shower Water-saving Device Water Saving Shower - China Shower Head,hand Shower Green Light Bathroom Design Image « Green Light Minimalist Bathroom Perfect Bathroom Material! Low Flow Showerhead Sustainable House Eco Bathroom Sustainable-bathroom-concept  Blu Stone Embossed Tub

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