teak-furniture-3Teak is the ultimate hardwood for outdoor use. Our teak furniture is plantation grown and procured from government regulated sources in Indonesia.The teak is kiln dried and air dried to ensure proper moisture content. All hardware is zinc coated steel which is brass plated.Steel pins are used instead of wood dowels to provide stability and strength. Our teak is polished at the factory using the wood’s own natural oils to achieve a bright finish.

Care information:

You can let your furniture weather naturally to a natural grey patina finish. Or you can oil the teak once or twice per year with any teak oil or linseed based product. This will help maintain its original color. Do not oil your furniture during the first 2 months of use.

This will allow the furniture to cure and regulate the moisture content before oiling.Do not use any sealant products such as polyeurethane. Teak wood, like all wood species, expands and contracts when there is an extreme change in temperature.This can create minor “cracks” or “checking”. This is not a defect and is inherent with any natural wood product