tiki upholsteryAre you restoring a vintage trailer and need retro vinyl for the seating? How about vinyl for your tiki barstools … or kitchen dinette … or outdoor patio set? After we wrote about IFSCO’s stash of New Old Stock vinyls last year, the company sent us a box of samples. I just wanted to report: 

vintage vinyl 1960sSqueeeeee, I love this stuff. It’s beautiful, and although I am not an expert in vinyl quality, it seems really high quality to me. The backing… the cushioning… is so… thick and cushiony.

retro-vinyl-1Also, I love the embossed flowered pieces. It’s like they are “quilted” — just like I imagine I remember at Grandma’s house. Above: The only color left in the Palace collection is the Brass — I received an 8″ x 10″ sample in my package and it is just wonderful! I can only imagine what the Olive would have looked like, be still my 70s heart.

retro-vinyl-3 retro-vinyl-5 retro-vinyl-6Above: Some of the floweries in my package of samples. Aren’t they wicked awesome wicked Granny Ranch cool?!

dollhouse flooringThese IFSCO vintage vinyls are another find that I kind of h*** putting out there, because I might need some for a project soon, and then it will be all gone. Case in point: The Tobago vinyl above is new to their site since I last went to look — it would be fantastic for tiki bar stools and furniture. And lookie those fabulous colors!

Link love: IFSCO 1960s vintage vinyls

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vintage table legs

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I love the look of these copper bathtubs. As you look through the selection of images, you’ll notice that the copper tubs actually work with a number of different approaches to design, from modern to rustic and everything in between. Copper has such a classic, rustic look, but with the right shape tub, it would look perfect in the most modern of bathrooms.

Copper also makes a great material for bathtubs because it holds heat so well. There’s a reason its been a very commonly used material, especially in the days before porcelain took over for the go-to material for bathroom fixtures.

Take a look at our copper bathtub gallery and see if it inspires you to take this design plunge in your own bathroom renovation!

Who says you can’t have a cool bathroom? People spend a heck of a lot of time in their bathrooms, so why not make the most of it and create a bathroom that’s as warm as inviting as the other rooms in your house. The first place you’ll want to start is choosing some colors, and a design theme, such as modern contemporary or ornate Victorian.

Once you’ve decided on a design aesthetic, then you can start the fun part! Picking out the right fixtures and lighting, and of course – the bathroom tiles. Bathroom tiling has become very trendy in the last few decades, with all kinds of tiles being created, from marble to glass. There are an abundance of colors and motifs you can choose from, and more people are choosing moody dark colors to compliment white fixtures, which is a great look. Or you can brighten things up with splashes of color or wild patterns in your tiles.

I’ve perused the world wide web in order to find bathroom tile ideas that I found unique, gorgeous, and flat-out cool, so take a look and see if you find anything here that you could imagine working for you in your bathroom space!






Beautiful-black-wall-tiles bathroom



blue-tiles-designs bathroom


cool black-bathroom-tiles


cool-bathroom-tiles marble

modern bathroom tiles, modern design, kitchen

modern bathroom tiles, modern design, kitchen

elegant black-bathroom-tile-design

light blue modern bathroom tiling





By Sarah Clarke