Modern Kitchen Design: Tips and Ideas

Part of the fun of decorating your home is being able to choose the perfect color and design scheme to suit your tastes and the overall look of the home. As the kitchen is the heart of the home it is worth investing considerable time and energy into making it feel comfortable and inviting. If you are a fan of clean lines and a modern look, consider following a few contemporary kitchen decor tips.

Modern kitchen decor typically incorporates clean lines, neutral tons and pops of color. Stick with neutral tones such as gray or taupe walls. Subway tiles add clean lines and texture to the walls. Texture is another key component to modern home design. Judicious use of hanging lamps and backlit cabinets add even more visual interest, as well as being functional and useful.

Modern Kitchen Design

Using glass on the counter tops also adds a contemporary touch. This also works when using glass as cabinet fronts. Another option is to use high-gloss white counter tops. Add touches of warm colors such as brick red or burnt orange in the appliances and cabinet pulls. A stainless steel refrigerator completes this modern kitchen look.

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By Sarah Clarke

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