Kitchen Ideas For the Rustic Modern Home

The words rustic and modern would never have seemed like they would go together, but as it turns out, rustic modern design is one of the most growing trends in interior design. The new trend or rustic modern kitchens shows how they can both be combined to create a beautiful look. There are many ways you can incorporate rustic and modern elements to your kitchen. Here are a few tips and ideas. Also be sure to check out the Rustic Paradise pinboard on my Pinterest page! Lots of great ideas there!

Modern Cabinets
Installing sleek and modern cabinets in a rustic or traditional kitchen can balance out the rustic and modern elements. Minimalistic cabinets in white, dark wood, black, or grey can give a modern touch to your kitchen. Look for cabinets that have very clean lines and futuristic hardware.

Rustic Touches
If your kitchen seem s to modern and lacks some rustic or country touches you can add them through your accessories and final touches. You can add items such as hay rakes, logs, wicker baskets, wood pieces, and vintage style wooden furniture. Display a collection of vintage plates or tea cups to add some rustic charm to your decor.

Wooden Counter tops
Another excellent way to add a rustic touch to your kitchen is through wooden counter tops. They are a big trend in home decor and are very durable and easy to clean. Dark wood countertops with white cabinets can create a beautiful contrast in your kitchen.

Modern Appliances
Adding high-tech and sleek appliances will add a contemporary feel to your kitchen and make your life easier. Purchase state of the art stainless steel appliances to create this look. Add convenience to your home through built in mixers, microwaves, televisions, and touch screen controllers.

Display your Cooking Items
Add warmth to your modern kitchen by displaying your pots and pans or other cooking items. Install a pot rack above your kitchen island. You can also hang your cooking utensils on the wall near your stove. You can also hang metal containers or buckets from your wall and store utensils and other items in plain view. You can also open up your cabinets so your plates and cups are displayed.

Trendy Accent Furniture
Keep up with the latest trend by adding some trendy accent furniture to your kitchen. Add some metal bar stools to your island or breakfast table. You can also add a modern pendant lamp or chandelier to update the look of your kitchen.

Whiteboards and Bead boards
A big trend in modern rustic decor is the use of whiteboards and bead boards in ceilings and walls. Create a rustic atmosphere by decorating your ceiling with whiteboards. This will also make your ceilings look higher. You can also decorate your kitchen walls with bead boards to give it a homely look.

By Sarah Clarke

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