Designer Marianne Kleis Jensen has created Frigg, a sofa for one or two people.


Description from the designer

Frigg is a piece of furniture designed for only one or two people. Here you can withdraw from the world, be yourself, feel safe, rest and recharge. The shape that embraces the user creates a little cave which you can crawl into, take your feet up and snuggle. Frigg is a fully upholstered sofa consisting of a shell with cushions. The cushions are quilted which provides a 3D effect and creates a good contrast to the smooth surfaces of the shell.


Prague-based Kumeko have created Snug, a cozy shell that surrounds the person within.


Description from Kumeko

Snug is a piece of soft furnishing designed with the intention of creating a comfortable and flexible item for relaxing in.

It consists of a soft inner cushion surrounded by a sleeve, creating a cozy shell which envelops the user. The integrated belt on the top of the sleeve allows Snug to be adjusted to support your body in a variety of different positions.


The material for the sleeve is specially developed by Kumeko. Jersey tubes stuffed with polyurethane foam are woven into the 100% wool felt creating a 3D double-sided pattern. The wool felt retains the temperature inside the sleeve and makes the item durable, while the jersey tubes add soft padding.



Milan-based Inoda+Sveje have designed the IS Sofa.


Description from the designers

The organic shape of the ‘IS sofa’ is composed of a continuous line connecting its generous CNC cut wooden armrests, with that of its padded cushion back and seat. The simple form combines its contrasting materials of hard and soft seamlessly in an uninterrupted flow of contours.