Walk-in showers are becoming more popular in modern home design, because they have a very simple yet beautiful aesthetic that instantly make a bathroom more streamlined and sophisticated looking. It’s not easy to install a walk-in shower into a bathroom that hasn’t been built with one in mind, because the floor and plumbing all have to be specially designed to accommodate this kind of shower set up.

Walk-in showers have a very open, airy feel to them, and look fantastic in bathrooms that get plenty of natural light. Glass is the most common material used when designing these kinds of showers, since it adds to the openness of the design. Because of that element of their design, they can make bathrooms seem much bigger and more open.

Here’s a collection of images showcasing some of the most amazingly beautiful walk-in showers we could find, so hopefully you find some great inspiration for your bathroom design!


grey-modern-shower-walk in


modern cool walk in shower wooden floor

Modern-Bathroom-Shower-Tile-walk in

modern-shower-with-wood-wall-walk in







super-contemporary-shower-walk in

walk in shower-with-wood-slat-floor



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One of the most fun and lively ways to decorate your home is by utilizing vintage style decor. Everything old is new again and there are plenty of ways to incorporate a vintage feel so that it also looks modern and fresh. The bathroom is the perfect place to create a retro room. To help you along the way, consider the following vintage bathroom decor tips.

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 My Vintage Bathroom Gets And Bathroom - Agate Green Cabinets Vintage Bathroom Design Vintage_bathroom_interior_design  Bathroom, Vintage Master  Vintage Bathroom Vintage Bathroom Mirror Black And White Bathroom Tile Ideas For A Vintage Bathroom You Have To Think Of Walls Bathroom Black And White Floor Tiles Pictures

If your tastes tend towards Hollywood glamour, create your very own old Hollywood-inspired, glamorous vintage bathroom. Use tones of black and white, along with silver accessories. If you are looking for something extra feminine you can also add accents of pink. Start with a black and white tiled floor. A soft pink shower curtain and soft pink bath rugs. Instead of a standard light hang up a crystal chandelier, as well as a mirror with a vintage frame.

For something a bit more kitchy you can add elements of the 1950’s decor style. Fun colors such as mint green and medium pink work well in this type of vintage bathroom. Hang up some vintage 50’s style tin signs and other prints that represent the era. Utilize cherry prints throughout the bathroom as well.

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Remodeling a bathroom is a daunting task, but if you want to create a great look modern in your bathroom without making too many changes, one of the most impactful changes you can make is to change the flooring. There are tons of options available these days that can give your washroom a fabulous new look without breaking the banks.

As far as materials go, you have lots to choose from in terms of what will work in the bathroom. Of course, like in the kitchen, certain considerations have to be made considering the humidity that occurs in the room, and so the flooring has to be more durable. The most obvious choice is tile, and there are so many choices if you want to go in that direction.

There’s also laminate flooring which is durable enough to handle bathroom use, and is an inexpensive alternative to some of the more expensive tile options. Laminate wood grain is becoming a more popular option in modern bathroom design.

Naturally, one of the most versatile and simple of all flooring choices is vinyl. Vinyl flooring is great at resisting damage and extremely well suited for high moisture areas.

bathroom flooring ideas


black shiny tile bathroom floor

blue tile water bathroom floor

grey floor tile bathroom

laminate grey wood bathroom floor


modern-bathroom glass flooring

patterned tile bathroom-flooring

slate grey bathroom floor tiles



vinyl wood bathroom flooring



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