16 awesome vintage sofas from readers’ houses

vintage aqua sofa sectional
Vintaga sofa, couch, davenport — whatever you call that large piece of seating in your living room that seats two to 10 comfortably — for those of us in the retro-sphere, a fantastic vintage couch can be both the crowning piece of  living room decor and a place to spend many leisure time hours. A while back — we asked readers to upload their prized 1940s, 1950s or 1960s vintage sofas — today we will look at just a few of 219 vintage sofa photos uploaded — like this Florida reader’s aqua mid century sectional with two built-in laminate-topped side tables and a triangular corner back table…and…er…a giraffe? This reader must surely have a wild side. And we say: Bring it on! Let’s take a look at 15 more vintage furniture delights –>

Vintage sofa sectionals

mid century vintage sofa sectional orangeAbove: These readers had just moved in to their new place –but already had picked out a prominent place for their prize possession — their amazing orange mid century sofa sectional.

mid century sofa sectional I’m loving the clean lines of this vintage sofa sectional that reader Mark purchased.  He was then able to get it reupholstered for just $50 by his cousin at a family rate. It now sits proudly in their rumpus room. Those orange bolster pillows really are a nice touch, don’t you think?


newport chesterfield sofa

This Newport Chesterfield sofa was spotted in 2012. Spaghetti lamps pop up from the cylinders on each end.

This next sofa (above) looks like it may be another design from Newport Chesterfield Company of Toronto. This deco-look version appears to have built-in laminate end tables, eye shaped end pieces that look like they either swivel or  can be moved into coffee table position, and a corner piece that has a table top and what might be a hidden, rotating compartment. Holy smokes this is one amazing vintage sectional.

Kroehler-valentine-Seaver-SectionalReader CatEyeGlasses55 thinks that her vintage Kroehler Valentine Seaver sectional had a corner piece at one time. But when she purchased it at a tag sale — there was none to be found. She has cleverly found a Heywood Wakefield corner table to fill the corner void — very nice!.

Norwalk-uplholstery-co-1959-couchReader Glamorlux Nancy has quite a glamorous sofa sectional — with sparkly looking original frieze fabric. She found this beauty on Ebay and the tag says “The Norwalk Upholstering Co., 1959.” What a beauty.We also love the small divider with integrated lighting just behind the sofa and setting off the front door. Nice piece!

Vintage Sofas

vintage sofa with decorative tuftingHow sweet: Reader Ima Pam shared this vintage photo that shows couch that she grew up with in the mid 1960s. She adds that the sofa had two matching chairs — for grown ups only! The sunburst tufting on the backrest of the couch is just to die for. Ima Pam notes that no baby brothers or parakeets were harmed in the making of this photo — tehehe.

retro-orange-sofaHere’s another sofa with an interesting backrest. Thanks, anonymous reader, this sofa a real beauty.

long low mid century sofaThis reader’s long and low couch was purchased for $30 and reupholstered for a mere $150 — resulting in a fabulous mid century piece for their living room. Again, we see how bolster pillows can be used nicely — the circles soften up the hard edges of the squares and rectangles.

retro red gondola style sofaThis readers 1958 retro red sofa has amazing lines — the way the back corners point up and the coloration of the sofa reminds me of a vintage car from the 1950s.

gondola style gold retro sofaThe curved lines of this couch and the wooden legs are fantastic — must be why this reader says they drove 3 hours one way to pick it up. Andrian Pearsall-esque

70s retro sofaI’ve never quite seen seating like reader Megan’s mid century sofa — full of interesting angles and upholstered in a groovy late 60s stripe.

Belart-sectional sofa built in end tableThis sofa is obviously not in a reader’s home — but was instead sighted by reader Becky in her friend’s vintage shop. Still — I adore the shape of this curved sofa, the contrasting bottom cushion, built in end table and — my hope is that whoever bought this couch also took home that huge vintage lamp.

original 50s aqua sofa with storage in armsThis reader bought their vintage sofa from its original owner for a mere $100. At first look it may look like just another vintage couch — but hiding in this sofa is a pull out bed and storage compartments in both arms — and taking a cue from the stealthy couch — the kitty is hiding under the coffee table.

vintage retro flowered sofaI’m not sure which is cuter — reader Caitlyn’s cheery flowered couch and matching chair that she picked up at an estate sale for $150 — or her adorable pup who seems to be attempting to camouflage himself. Let’s hear it for gypsy granny decor!

built in knotty pine sofaI couldn’t leave out reader Weed30 from St. Louis’s built in knotty pine sofa with original greenish gold naugahyde upholstery — the perfect place to curl up with a book or to stash a passed out party guest for the night.

Mega thanks to all the readers who participated in our super popular vintage sofa uploader.

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