15 Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas

One of the modern touches to add to bathrooms is a change in fixtures and knobs. Changing the hardware in a bathroom can dramatically change the look when one is trying to modernize the bathroom. Using bright, shiny faucets, handles, and shower heads will give the room a fresh look. Be sure to choose fixtures that have clean lines and not too much decorative design included. The key is simple and sleek.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas


Another modern touch is to change the light fixtures. Adding a small crystal chandelier is always a great feature to add a hip and trendy look to any bathroom. Using light fixtures with clear and simple sconces and shades also gives a modern touch to any bathroom. Keep the lines simple and the look as sleek as possible when choosing lighting fixtures.

Add picture frames that are metallic in construction or color. Use boxes and simple shelves to accent decorations such as metallic boxes, candles with clear holders, and crystal trinkets. Use a metallic clothes hamper, white or black baskets, and metal boxes to store and hold toiletries and other small bathroom essentials. Pick pictures and prints that match the room but have clean, sleek borders and lines.

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By Sarah Clarke

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