Slate roofing requires low maintenance. Once installed it provides a classy look. It is beautifully pleasing and very trendy. It is resistant to rust, corrode, rot or fade. It discards the problems people face who employ common and cheaper roofing materials in the Australian climate.

slate roofing

Characteristics that makes it different from other roofs

As they are a natural stone material it is fire-resistant. It is fireproof and protects the house for anyone who installs this resilient roofing material. It will certainly help you to protect your greatest investment and your family.

In present era there are a wide variety of roofing materials are available to choose from. Roofing slate is a thin sedimentary rock divide along its natural lines or fractures. It was built over thousands of years. This rock has undergone to great geological conditions that make it a rare and durable roofing material.

  1. Your roof guards your property against the harsh extremes of nature. It should be presentable and when stepping back and observing from the street curb you will find at least a third of your building is the roof. So it requires being very long-lasting and aesthetically appealing for safety and value.
  2. Your roof requires keeping you dry in winter and cooling in summer. It’s there to prevent you and your family from the elements. Metal roofing will last for many years but will require replacing long before a slate roof. Moreover it is not rust proof. It will react with air so the original color fades and turn a rusty brown patchwork.
  3. This type of the roof is built of stone. They don’t oxidize. They doesn’t fade and the sound of rain on a slate roof is not harsh like tin can be, but desirable. They are far superior to other roofing materials.
  4. Terracotta becomes brittle as it becomes old. Concrete tiles become porous and the color lightens. Because of its overall fireproofing qualities, it increases your home’s complete protection.
  5. Street appeal for home owners and investors is extremely significant. The total look of it is far better to other roofing materials, providing value and protection to your biggest investment that is your home.
  6. Slate tiles come in a wide variety of colors to meet all tastes, suitable to any home or building. The Installation creates rare roof patterning, enhancing the overall architectural features of a simple property or architecturally designed home.
  7. The installation of the high quality assured slate roofing will provide peace of mind and is a desired roofing material among roofers. It is affordable, providing value to your investment. It is aesthetically appealing.

Slate Roofing is very popular for its properties. It does cost more than general used roofing materials, but the overall advantages over come the initial cost, selecting it is the best choice and most appealing, durable aesthetically pleasing, safe that is available as the roofing product on the market.

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tiki upholsteryAre you restoring a vintage trailer and need retro vinyl for the seating? How about vinyl for your tiki barstools … or kitchen dinette … or outdoor patio set? After we wrote about IFSCO’s stash of New Old Stock vinyls last year, the company sent us a box of samples. I just wanted to report: 

vintage vinyl 1960sSqueeeeee, I love this stuff. It’s beautiful, and although I am not an expert in vinyl quality, it seems really high quality to me. The backing… the cushioning… is so… thick and cushiony.

retro-vinyl-1Also, I love the embossed flowered pieces. It’s like they are “quilted” — just like I imagine I remember at Grandma’s house. Above: The only color left in the Palace collection is the Brass — I received an 8″ x 10″ sample in my package and it is just wonderful! I can only imagine what the Olive would have looked like, be still my 70s heart.

retro-vinyl-3 retro-vinyl-5 retro-vinyl-6Above: Some of the floweries in my package of samples. Aren’t they wicked awesome wicked Granny Ranch cool?!

dollhouse flooringThese IFSCO vintage vinyls are another find that I kind of h*** putting out there, because I might need some for a project soon, and then it will be all gone. Case in point: The Tobago vinyl above is new to their site since I last went to look — it would be fantastic for tiki bar stools and furniture. And lookie those fabulous colors!

Link love: IFSCO 1960s vintage vinyls

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vintage table legs

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I was lazing around after my graduation and confused about what to do in my life. I love travelling, so, I decided to go on a trip with some friends. After much discussion, we all decided to tour Barcelona. Barcelona is a vibrant, colourful and lively city in the world and is one of the famous tourist attractions of Europe with many tourists thronging this city. So, after a few days we were in Barcelona.


Rambla de Catalunya

After checking into a hotel we all decided to start the tour with Sagrada Familia. We hired a cab and arrived there. Cabs are not too pricey here; you can also take the subway to travel in Barcelona. Anyway, this place is a beautiful work of art and a creation of the great architect Antoni Gaudi. It is under construction even now and will take another thirty years or so to complete. Here, one can visit the tomb of Gaudi and see the remarkable architecture style will leave you in awe. The next stop was Eixample. This is a large area with several beautiful buildings to appreciate; many of them designed by Gaudi like the Paseeig de Garcia, the Rambla de Catalunya. The place has many cafes and restaurants as well. So we all decided to have some lunch – Fideua a dish made up of small noodles having a combination of vegetables, chicken and shellfish. It’s a perfect dish along with which we had another delicacy xuxos (pastries filled with custard) as dessert. In the evening we just walked on the streets soaking in the liveliness of the place.

The next morning we went to see La Seu Cathedral. It is a beautiful Gothic cathedral with a tranquil atmosphere. The windows of stained glass here are more than 500 years old. After that, we were off to see Las Rambla, Barcelona’s famous street. The street has various restaurants and cafes lined up. You can sip on some sangria and enjoy the colourful dance performances here. It was great fun but beware of pickpockets! The Canaletes fountain here is famous for a legend which says that if you drink from it you will visit again. We all eagerly drank from the fountain to seal our comebacks, because we had fallen in love with this city.
The next day was reserved for the beaches. We were ready to get ourselves tanned up and have great fun at the beach. So, the third day we spent loitering on the beach and at night we decided to explore the nightlife. Las Rambla is the place to be, so we headed there. So, after a great night we went back to the hotel and hit the sack.

As the night embraced the city we were saddened at the thought of leaving the next day. This trip was one of the best I have had and we made a pact to come back again and bask in the beauty of this lovely city.